Bye bye Gallery Ads, welcome Image extensions

Having some time to spend to catch up on Google latest products, I’ve recently watched this Google Ads New Product deep dive about Image Extensions. The news is (it’s not a news but I had previously missed it haha) Gallery Ads have gone through an early retirement and are being replaced by Image Extensions. I’mContinue reading “Bye bye Gallery Ads, welcome Image extensions”

New Google Custom Audiences -now live!

I read this morning about the new Custom Audiences just landed in our Google Ads accounts on Marketing Land and I could not wait to try them! Such a smooth change, so much easier to use and looks more powerful as well. You can now choose in an easy and simple way if you wantContinue reading “New Google Custom Audiences -now live!”

News from Google: RSAs and Search Terms Report changes

I’ve been back from furlough for just a couple of weeks and Google has already released some new changes to the Google Ads interface just to keep me on my toes! You must have heard of these already but I wanted to gather some thoughts here as well. Right, the first of these changes isContinue reading “News from Google: RSAs and Search Terms Report changes”

The Importance of Our Work

It’s been a very emotionally intense period of our lives, although we’ve been physically stuck at home our emotions have wandered to unexplored places of our souls and minds. Never have I ever thought I would miss the fabric of life as it was, the unpleasant chores and the boring routines it was made of.Continue reading “The Importance of Our Work”

New Combined Audiences for Google Search Ads campaigns

Google has been releasing some very interesting, new features in the last few weeks. New columns (Conversions by conv, time), Lead extensions and now Combined Audiences for Search Ads. Exciting times! I’ve been waiting for the possibility to layer audiences for quite a while but my interest was more on the Display network as IContinue reading “New Combined Audiences for Google Search Ads campaigns”

New “Conversions (by conv. time)” column in Google Ads

LinkedIn is one of my sources of information when it’s about paid media. I know it’s awkward to keep it open at work as it may seem you’re constantly looking for new jobs but, actually, LinkedIn is great to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest particularly when you don’t work in a paid media team,Continue reading “New “Conversions (by conv. time)” column in Google Ads”

Google Gallery Ads, a game changer?

When Gallery Ads were announced last May during the annual Google Marketing Live conference I must admit I got pretty excited. What are Gallery Ads and are they available yet? Gallery Ads are more visually compelling ads that are only available on mobile. They offer a scrollable gallery of 4 to 8 images and aContinue reading “Google Gallery Ads, a game changer?”

How to understand the value of Video Advertising and measure performance

The reason I love digital marketing is that you can measure almost everything and know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Simply put, if you see conversions coming through, you know you’re doing it right. When it comes to video campaigns, however, I often found myself fumbling around metrics unsure how to measure performance. YouTubeContinue reading “How to understand the value of Video Advertising and measure performance”

Why should Remarketing be part of your Digital Strategy?

As a user you’ll probably already know, as digital marketers we see it every day in your Google Analytics account: users don’t convert straight away the first time they land on your website. As much as we all wish it was that simple, conversion paths can require different steps. Before getting down to the purchaseContinue reading “Why should Remarketing be part of your Digital Strategy?”