The Importance of Our Work

It’s been a very emotionally intense period of our lives, although we’ve been physically stuck at home our emotions have wandered to unexplored places of our souls and minds. Never have I ever thought I would miss the fabric of life as it was, the unpleasant chores and the boring routines it was made of.

Yes, I know it’s important to re-think about the normality we want to rush back to, find what’s worth rushing back to and take some valuable learnings out of this incredible time we’ve lived through but I also know the importance of the things that kept us steady. Structures we had in place to keep us and our souls steady that, ultimately, were the foundations we used to build our lives on. That’s what I miss, that initial bulk of bricks that allowed me to build beautiful things around it.

I also know sometimes it’s good to start from scratch, slash and burn the land to make the soil ready for new seeds.
How difficult though! How scary, don’t you think?

I’m writing these few notes while I scroll down my LinkedIn feed, amidst motivational posts, webinars on resilience and farewell posts of people hit by company redundancies. I could not think about a paragraph I read recently from Alain De Botton:

“Our work exists to protect us from a brutal sense of despair and angst. We should make sure we ever stop having tasks to do – and never make the most reckless of all moves, ‘retire’ or embark on that next most reckless step, taking a long holiday”.

Good luck to everyone: those struggling to feel motivated while in furlough and those actively searching for a new position. I know everything will be alright in the end but I wanted to acknowledge the struggles and the journey we’ve been through before it gets lost.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Our Work

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