Bye bye Gallery Ads, welcome Image extensions

Having some time to spend to catch up on Google latest products, I’ve recently watched this Google Ads New Product deep dive about Image Extensions.

The news is (it’s not a news but I had previously missed it haha) Gallery Ads have gone through an early retirement and are being replaced by Image Extensions.

I’m very much disappointed regarding Gallery Ads because I’ve never had the chance to test them nor have I ever seen them (sigh). Not every Google Marketing Live beta release becomes reality (like I didn’t know).

Well, now Image Extensions seems to be working very well – did they not say the same about Gallery Ads?! They’re supposed to be mobile only (like Gallery Ads) but apparently they’ve been tested on desktop devices as well.
I’m curious to see the future of these considering image extension have been available on Bing for a while and have been tested a couple of times on Google as well.

Have you been whitelisted? Have you got any useful data insights on hand? Share it int he comments 🙂

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