New Google Custom Audiences -now live!

I read this morning about the new Custom Audiences just landed in our Google Ads accounts on Marketing Land and I could not wait to try them!

Such a smooth change, so much easier to use and looks more powerful as well. You can now choose in an easy and simple way if you want to target:

  1. People with any of these interests or purchase intentions.
  2. People who searched for any of these terms on Google properties (such as and YouTube).

You can also expand this audience with URLs of websites people have visited, apps from a list and places they visited.
And they can be used in Display, Discovery, Gmail and YouTube campaigns.

Needless to say I created anew one (although previously created Custom Intent audiences have been migrated to this new type) and added it to one of my YouTube campaigns currently live.
I really look forward to seeing results although my campaign has only a few days left to go.

I’ll keep you posted!

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